June 7, 2002

More Manhattan Project Reviews

Today we bring you three more reviews of Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project. There's lots to check out in 'em, so let's just get to them...

First up is a review by the site Avid Gamer, who really seemed to dig the game's 'throwback feel' and gave it their "Reviewer's Choice" recommendation.

Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project.. is very refreshing. Too many of today�s shooters are nothing more graphical updates of existing games.

Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project is overall an excellent title. This game is pure addictive fun.

Next up is a review from the site Viper Lair who labeled it "Viper's Lair Recommended".

Using the Prism3D engine, the game pulls off some impressive visuals. Textures are nicely done, and character models are above average for a platform shooter.

Manhattan Project differs from the last Duke game, in that it's not a first person shooter, but rather an console'ish side scroller. Actually, this is how Duke Nukem started out, and the developers are bring Duke back to his roots.

Manhattan Project should be available everywhere by now, and should fall into the budget category of 25$. Considering the quality of some games that cost more, you can't really go wrong with this one.

Finally today we have a review from Gamesdomain UK who rated Manhattan Project a "Top Game".

Nostalgically entertaining and just plain fun!

Manhattan Project's strongest point is the way it captures the comedy and style of the past Duke games.

...it should be considered a must for old fans of the Duke games, those who feel like settling into some comfortably nostalgic gameplay while enjoying modern graphics, or even those who just feel like something different from the norm.

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