July 30, 2002

Duke Nukem Advance

Coming shortly (it's currently slated to hit the streets next month) is a new original platform Duke Nukem game. Entitled "Duke Nukem Advance", this title is for (you guessed it) the Nintendo Gameboy Advance platform.

We have a page up on our web site for the title now, and the page has some info about the game, as well as some screenshots, and other cool things like a link to an interview with one of the folks from Torus (the people who made the game). Speaking of that interview, here's a few quotes from it:

GT: What advances in the alien AI will we be seeing in Duke Nukem Advance?

Brian: Originally we wanted to have more attack patterns for some of the new enemies but in the end we felt it more important to concentrate on other areas instead. Plus the fact that the AI we had in place turned out really well so we stuck with that.

GT: Duke Nukem Advance is entering a crowded field of top-notch fps titles that have already been released on the GBA. What features does Duke Nukem Advance sport that will set it apart from the rest?

Brian: The first thing you will notice is the frame-rate. It is a much faster game than the predecessors.

There is a lot more to check out in this interview - Brian Uniacke from Torus has a lot to say about the title's development history. (Link removed Aug 2006, no longer online)

And while you're reading about it, make sure to head on over to Amazon.com and pre-order your copy of Duke Nukem Advance. And if you don't have a GameBoy Advance - no problem, you can order a Gameboy Advance system from Amazon.com, too.

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