August 16, 2002

Duke Nukem Advance Review

The gaming news/review site has a review of Duke Nukem: Advance up this week. It's a very good review of the game. Unfortunately, you have to be a paid IGN subscriber to read the entire thing, but we've gotten a few choice tidbits out of it.

Duke Nukem Advance is without a doubt the most fun first-person shooter on the GBA to date.

The Game Boy Advance game looks and sounds like the computer title, but Torus has created a brand new adventure and a new plot surrounding the familiar action and characters.

But goofy plot aside, it's the gameplay that matters...and Duke Nukem Advance is top-notch.

What's more, the game even has a look up/look down feature in its may be the same unnecessary, graphical cheat that 3D Realms pulled off in the PC game, but it's the first game to offer this control on the GBA.

And even with the limited control layout of the Game Boy Advance, the developers managed to map the important moves to all the buttons without making it feel "cluttered."

There are almost a half-dozen of these games on the handheld as of this writing, and the latest, Duke Nukem Advance, is definitely the best.

There's plenty more where those quotes came from, but you'll need to be an IGN subscriber to read the entire article. If you don't want to do that, you can read more about the game over at our own Duke Nukem Advance page here on the 3D Realms site.

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