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From time to time, we get submissions about us and or our games.  These things range from hand drawn game art on pieces of paper, to computer rendered fan interpretations of our games, to just letters of thank you for the fun our games have brought people.

We've decided to place some of the more notable ones online here at the 3D Realms Site in our new "Fan Stuff" area.  The most recent will be at the top of the page.   If you have something you'd like to submit, you can either email it to us, or you can send it to us at the following address:

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Apogee Shrine


by Eric Baker (former Apogee Beta Tester)
September 27, 1999

We received an email from Eric Baker (one of our old beta testers), and he sent some captures of the walls of his computer room.   Here's what he has to say about his "Beta Shrine!":

Hey Joe,
I saw the article about Ross' Duke shrine in the news section of the 3DR web page and I thought I'd pass mine on...

The first picture consists of posters I made when I was a beta tester.  I made one for every game I beta tested except for Shadow Warrior (which I really need to do.)

>From left to right- Beta symbol, Xenophage, Duke3D, Stargunner, HiSpeed/Death Race/Death Rally, Duke Nukem Plutonium Pak, and Balls of Steel. I made the posters by collecting screenshots from the game as it evolved from it's buggy unpolished state to what it looked like when it was released.

The second picture is a poster that I made from the boxes that you guys used to send games in before they were sold in stores with fancy foiled, embossed graphics. :)