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From time to time, we get submissions about us and or our games.  These things range from hand drawn game art on pieces of paper, to computer rendered fan interpretations of our games, to just letters of thank you for the fun our games have brought people.

We've decided to place some of the more notable ones online here at the 3D Realms Site in our new "Fan Stuff" area.  The most recent will be at the top of the page.   If you have something you'd like to submit, you can either email it to us, or you can send it to us at the following address:

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Garland, TX 75049

We will mask out your real name if you so wish, so if you wish to be anonymous, please let us know that when you send in the submission.

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Battle Damaged Duke Action Figures


by Ross Baker of Wisconsin
September 20, 1999

We got an Email submission the other day from a user who had played with his Duke action figure, and had created what he calls his "Battle Damaged Duke Action Figure".  Shown here, this figure was modified by Ross Baker, who sent us the pictures.   We thought they looked kinda cool, so we posted them here.  Also included here are other pictures he sent us which are things like the weapons, the shareware CD that came with some Duke action figures, and Duke's severed hand.  Anyway, check out these pictures, they're pretty cool!  You can click on any of them for a larger version.   Thanks to Ross for sending these along and giving us permission to put them on our web page.