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From time to time, we get submissions about us and or our games.  These things range from hand drawn game art on pieces of paper, to computer rendered fan interpretations of our games, to just letters of thank you for the fun our games have brought people.

We've decided to place some of the more notable ones online here at the 3D Realms Site in our new "Fan Stuff" area.  The most recent will be at the top of the page.   If you have something you'd like to submit, you can either email it to us, or you can send it to us at the following address:

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Garland, TX 75049

We will mask out your real name if you so wish, so if you wish to be anonymous, please let us know that when you send in the submission.

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Apogee Shrine

Dear sirs,

I wanted to offer my respects to duke, the ultimate game. ever, bar none. i still love playing duke3d, as well as creating maps for it. and i spend many hours with my 14 year old son playing duke. i guess i should feel old, but hell i love playing it. so, included in this e-mail, is my tribute to the king himself, duke nukem. so many hours we played, myself and against others. duke rocks.

"ode to duke"

you don't bring me bullets anymore
no running and hiding, cursing and shooting
smashing the glass, giggling and looting
lurking in corners, and camping for fun.

hours on end we'd spend killing each other
the blast in my back from your rpg as i cursed your mother
watching my legs become separated from another
and gravity took its toll

you'd hover over me, yelling in glee
while stealing my weapon
right out from under me
and then shooting me again.

how i loved the tripbombs
they made such a sound
or shooting you in the ass
firing round after round

i love the hidden walls
that held such a surprise
when i aimed my missile
right between your eyes

the lovely streak of smoke
as you tried to run away
your body becoming one
with the atoms that day.

or the time i heard the familiar metal noise
and before i could run,
the pipebombs would destroy
and i became as before. fodder on the floor.

the expanding ray would make me burst in surprise
leaving entrails and laughter trailing behind.
the jetpacks,the ammo, the shotguns oh my!
would devastate my day, hours at a time

the bloody footprints and nasty flesh wounds
the eratic bullet holes, and creepy sounds
made you think you were actually there
and sometimes i wish we were

and duke with his quips, would make us bust a gut
and we'd wonder which genius thought of this stuff
and no matter what, we could never get enough
be we always knew it was only a game.

and no matter how long the next one takes
we know in the end perfection will reign
no shoddy games with silly deadlines
3drealms thinks of its customers, and takes it time.

in the end, time is just a thing
cause when duke returns
the wait will justify the means
and we'll hear, hail to the king !!!

hail to the king baby
dont forget im still around
gettings some new pixels
stepping out on the town

viva las vegas
is where i will return
hell bent on aliens
with babes in each arm.

ode to duke.

jeff donnell 2001
a number one duke fan
[email protected]