March 16, 2000

New Web Stuff

This afternoon brings a few more minor enhancements to the 3D Realms Web site. Check 'em out...

*.plan updates - This update you can see right now on this page - it's a small plan update box to your left underneath the poll. This will contain the 6 most recent .plan file updates from the 3D Realms staff. It updates every 15 minutes, so you'll be right up to speed with everything we're saying.

*Web Forums - Our web forums have moved! For quite some time now, we've had them on a different server than our web site is at, but with our new web host, we finally have the server horsepower to run the forums right - so they've been moved to our new server. There's nothing new there, except that the URL is different. You need to update your bookmarks with the new location (click on the forum button to your left to get there). Also, if you're a returning user, you'll need to reset your preferences once you do get there.

Regarding the forum move - everyone's user records at the time of shutting down the forums yesterday has been preserved, as have all the messages (save for a tiny handful posted right around the time of the shutdown) are all here.

Posted by Joe Siegler on March 16, 2000 at 3:30 PM | Permalink
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