June 5, 2002

Gamespy Reviews Manhattan Project

A great review of Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project has been posted over at Gamespy. Here's some quotes from the full review:

The good news is that Sunstorm did a fine job creating Duke's world with the Prism 3D engine. Gamers view the action predominantly from the side, in the traditional cutaway view as Duke moves through a level. Control is smooth and Manhattan Project runs fine on entry-level machines.

The many things that made Duke 3D a little different from your typical shooter also make Manhattan Project special.

And, when the game reloads after several failed attempts at a puzzle, Duke empathizes with the player saying, "Now I'm really pissed off." It's great that Duke's character comes through so well, even with a development team different from the one that made Duke 3D.

They did have a very cool intro quote about the game, too:

In a sea of games teeming with cardboard characters that strive to be more, Duke Nukem is unashamedly one-dimensional. The macho Duke is Al Bundy and Arnold Schwarzenegger rolled into one, puerile and chauvinistic without apology. He gets by on American cowboy shotgun diplomacy, and doesn't try to shoehorn forty seconds of video into his games and call it a story because he knows there isn't one. Duke may be not be a classical hero, but at least he's honest. He's not afraid to make fun of himself and everything about gaming, and his one-liners are better than anything ever mouthed by Arnold. If that's the Duke you know and like, then you'll probably enjoy Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project.

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