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This page lists questions and links to solutions for various problems we've encountered for Duke Nukem 3D.  Due to the large number of answers we have available for Duke3D, they have been split up over several pages.  Please select from the list below which version of Duke Nukem 3D you would like answers for.

Most Asked Questions

Macintosh Specific Fixes

Plutonium PAK/Atomic Edition Specific Fixes

Fixes for all versions

v1.3d Specific Fixes

Plutonium PAK v1.4 to v1.5 Patch

Please note that if you do not already have the Plutonium PAK v1.4 CD-ROM, you cannot use this patch.

On December 12th, 1996 3D Realms released the Plutonium PAK v1.5 patch. This small update to v1.4 fixes some bugs in the game, as well as corrects an install program problem for people with computers that have 64Mb of memory or more.

This file is available right now!.
You can download it here!. Please note that this will only update a game that has already been updated with the Plutonium PAK. If you do not already have the Plutonium PAK CD-ROM, this patch is not for you - it will do nothing.


  • People who have already bought the Plutonium PAK and have upgraded.
  • People who have already bought the Plutonium PAK and are having the 64Mb Install program problem.


  • People who only have registered v1.3d, but have not gotten the Plutonium PAK yet.
  • People who only have shareware.
  • People who have bought "The Atomic Edition" - that version already has this patch built in.

Here is a quick list of the changes from v1.4 to v1.5.

  • The major bug was fixing a memory corruption error that definitely caused a 'slowdown' bug. This bug probably fixed various other things like some random crashes, and save/load problems. While it might not fix everything, memory corruption is the worst possible bug, and this one was fixed and the slowdown/massive caching seemed to go away. If you still experience lots of disk caching when playing the game, load Smartdrv at DOS before you play the game. Typing "smartdrv 4000" works well. NOTE: You will need more than 8 megs to do this.
  • Fixed a bug where the game would pop up the "Mighty Foot" weapon, when other weapons were available. Really annoying.
  • Fixed the bug where if you save a game, exit to DOS and reload from the main menu, you got E1L1 music, no matter what level it was.
  • If you had the problem with the Plutonium PAK v1.4 where your computer had 64Mb of memory or more, and couldn't install the game, you can use this patch to upgrade from v1.3d to v1.5. Run this patch, and when you are presented with the list of things to install, make sure that your CD-ROM is in the drive, and that you select the v1.3d to v1.4 patch as well as the v1.4 to v1.5 patch.

Please note that if you do not already have the Plutonium PAK v1.4 CD-ROM, you cannot use this patch.

Where is the upgrade from version 1.3d to v1.4 (or v1.5)?

The upgrade from the registered version v1.3d to v1.4 (or v1.5) is not a free patch.  That is a retail product called "The Plutonium PAK".  The Plutonium PAK will upgrade a registered (not shareware) version of v1.3d to v1.4.   After the Plutonium PAK was released, there was another update (to v1.5), and there is a free patch available for v1.4 to v1.5.    Please see the notes on this patch immediately above.

In October of 2001, 3D Realms discontinued the Plutonium PAK.  You will need to purchase the Atomic Edition to get the full version of Duke3D.  That can be done here.