This page contains a list of all of the cheat codes for the various games we've released over the years.  Click on the game you wish to see cheats for.

Looking for a little help for one of our games? Can't quite get that last bonus item? Can't find your way through a maze? Or do you just want to run around wantonly spreading destruction in a game without caring about yourself? Well, then, you've come to the right place. This section lists ALL the cheat codes for every Apogee & 3D Realms game there is! From more recent games like Realms of Chaos and Terminal Velocity going all the way back to Kroz. If it's an Apogee game that we publish, then it's here! The lists of cheat codes/modes for our games is all inclusive. If there's a cheat code in the game, then it's here. Look no further!

When we publish a new game, we're going to hold back on putting cheats up for that new game until a month or two after it's released, that way it gives people time to find these things on their own.

The information in this section was written by Joe Siegler with the assistance of Sam Stoddard. Sam is the author of the Apogee & 3D Realms FAQ's, which contain a wealth of information about both companies, as well as having this cheat code information in them. Sam's FAQ's are available in the FAQ Section of this web site.